Framed options now available

The news people want to hear! We are currently in the process of updating our products with an option to have your print fitted in a custom frame. 

We are planning to provide three options to start with:

  • Tasmanian Oak
  • Black timber frame
  • White timber frame

The frames will all have the same high-quality finish and the same look as the photo above. The difference will be in the finish. The tassie oak will have a beautiful natural look and the black and white frames will accentuate the image or make a better fit for your home. 

tassie oak close up

All prints are printed on our 305gms cotton rag paper. This paper produces an extremely high-quality finish and will really pop out the details of the image. There is no gloss or sheen from the paper. 

A border will be left around the print to fit the frame and create a beautiful negative space around the image.

Have a look around the products and you'll see the options pop-up. 

Later this year we will also add canvas and glass options. We are currently proof printing with these options, to ensure we can deliver the highest quality, whilst remaining sustainable for the environment. 

If you have any questions, custom paper or framing needs, please contact us and we can discuss how we can tailor your wishes.

Let us know your thoughts. What is your preference? 

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